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讲座题目:阅读治疗、阅读创伤与信仰:读者与小说的互动(“Bibliotherapy, Bibliotrauma, and Belief: Readers’ Interactions with Fiction”

主讲人:托马斯·比比(Thomas O. Beebee)教授

评议人:刘颖 教授

主持人:杨清 博士


讲座地点:腾讯会议(会议 ID367 280 950;会议密码:0125




二十一世纪,读者和阅读过程重新引起了人们的兴趣。比比教授的方法与当前文学批评的趋势和方法相一致,如实证研究、认知研究和情感研究,但在选择作品方面有所不同。在大多数出版的案例中,实验者要么选择一个与受众价值观的对应关系有待进一步探索的经典文本(如约瑟夫·卡罗尔等的《图解简·奥斯汀》)(Graphing Jane Austen2012年),要么选择一组相对美学价值待绘出的文本——如维克多·内尔的《迷失在一本书》中。在这本书中,片段代替整个文本被展开。比比教授试图了解一批读者和他们喜欢的非正统小说之间的关系。不同的是,他探索的不是一个流派,而是一系列非经典、通俗或狂热经典,从玛格丽特·米切尔(Margaret Mitchell)的《乱世佳人》(Gone With The Wind1936年)到21世纪初期的《末日迷踪》等末日系列小说。这些作品之所以被选中,是因为有读者证明这些小说改变了他们的生活,或者他们认为它们是先知的。这些文本激发、改变或强化了人们的信仰。



Throughout the history of literature, ninety-nine percent of recorded interpretation has been provided by professional readers, while ninety-nine percent of the reception has been carried out by non-professional readers. These inverse proportions should be concerning, as they imply a profound disconnect between what literary scholars study and teach and the life-worlds of the vast majority of readers. Although the origins of literary criticism in the “West” in Plato and Aristotle highlight literature’s power to instill belief and to move audiences, to traumatize them or to provide therapy, modern criticism largely ignored such aspects in favor of formal and genetic analysis. With few exceptions, interest in the experience of civilian readers remained exclusively with bibliotherapy whose practitioners are usually health professionals or librarians rather than literary critics.


The twenty-first century has seen a renewed interest in readers and the reading process. My approach accords with current trends and methodologies of literary criticism such as empirical, cognitive, and affect studies, but I differ in my choice of works to be examined. In most published cases, the experimenter chooses either a classic text whose correspondence to audience values is to be explored (as in Joseph Carroll, et al., Graphing Jane Austen), or else a set of texts whose relative aesthetic value is to be charted ——as in Victor Nell’s Lost in a Book, where snippets rather than whole texts are deployed. I seek to understand the strength of relationship between a set of readers and the non-canonical fiction they enjoy. The difference is that I explore not a genre, but a heterogeneous set of non-canonical, popular or cult classics, from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind (1936) to the Left Behind series of apocalyptic novels of the early 21st century. These works chosen due to the existence of reader testimonials that these fictions have been life-changing for them or that they consider them “prophetic.” These are texts that have inspired, changed, or reinforced beliefs.


My talk will trace the history of bibliotherapeutic concepts in the West, raise the spectre of bibliotrauma as complementary to bibliotherapy, discuss the relation of both concepts to the belief-inducing capacity of fiction, and discuss some examples of the effects of American fiction on readers.



托马斯·奥利弗·比比(Thomas O. Beebee)是美国宾夕法尼亚州立大学比较文学教授,其研究领域包括批评与理论、书信体、十八世纪文学、翻译(理论、实践和文学模仿)、文学心理地图以及法律与文学。出版著作包括《大陆上的克拉莉莎》(宾夕法尼亚州立大学出版社,1991年)、《类型意识形态》(宾夕法尼亚州立大学出版社,1994年)、《欧洲书信体小说》(剑桥大学出版社,1999年)、《美洲千年文学,1492-2002年》(牛津大学出版社,2008年);《现代欧美小说中的国家和地区》(普渡大学出版社,2008年)、《德国法律与文学的连接与分离》(纽约绵延出版社,2011年)、《变革:内部翻译的黑匣子》(英国帕尔格雷夫·麦克米伦出版社,2012年),编选《作为世界文学的德国文学卷》(英国布鲁姆斯伯里出版社,2014年)。同时,比比教授是国际比较文学领域A&HCI顶级期刊《比较文学研究》(Comparative Literature Studies)杂志的主编,也是《布鲁姆斯伯里丛书》(Bloomsbury series, Literatures as World Literature)的总编辑。比比教授目前正在研究美国小说对读者阅读创伤之影响,以及阅读疗法。


Thomas O. Beebee is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Comparative Literature and German at the Pennsylvania State University. His fields of specialization include criticism and theory, epistolarity, eighteenth-century literature, translation (theory, practice, and literary mimesis), mental maps in literature, and law and literature. Publications include Clarissa on the Continent (Pennsylvania State University Press 1991),The Ideology Of Genre (Pennsylvania State University Press1994), Epistolary Fiction in Europe (Cambridge University Press 1999), Millennial Literatures of the Americas, 1492 – 2002 (Oxford University Press, 2008); Nation and Region in Modern European and American Fiction (Purdue University Press 2008). His most recent books are Conjunctions and Disjunctions of German Law and Literature (Continuum, 2011),Transmesis: Inside Translation’s Black Box (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2012), and the edited volume German Literature as World Literature (Bloomsbury, 2014). Beebee is editor-in-chief of the journal Comparative Literature Studies, and general editor of the Bloomsbury series, Literatures as World Literature. He is currently researching effects of bibliotrauma and bibliotherapy that American fiction has had on readers.